Proud of our nation
2nd Feb 2011 Posted in: Gallery Comments Off on Proud of our nation

For us, a magical moment is when we celebrate the National Day of Romania, on the 1’st of December. We take our traditional costumes and we go to put a sheaf of flowers on monuments of heroes. We meet there many people who sing patriotic songs and we remember all our fights for freedom. We […]

17th Jan 2011 Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Feel Good

I was going to get my Islamist assessment. I was really getting emotional when suddenly, I heard my grades. I got the highest marks. Everyone applauded me and clapped their hands. I felt proud of myself and my parents were so happy. I felt really good. Razia, 13, Pakistan

28th Nov 2010 Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on A Lost Little Girl

My magical moment was when I saved a little girl at Wonderland. She was lost. She lost her mommy. I found her and brought her to the border. She was very little. She was only 1 or 2. She called her mom and her mom came to the border and picked her up. Makenzy,  7, […]

31st Oct 2010 Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Mending a Broken Wing

Dear Friends, My magical moment is that when I was heading to my home, I saw a small bird with a broken wing lying on the street.  I took it with me. I treated it with care at my home, and in this way I saved the poor creature. Even now I still feel great […]

Safe From the Rain
31st Oct 2010 Posted in: Gallery Comments Off on Safe From the Rain

Dear Friends, Today I want to share my magical moment with you. I helped a kitten. She was wet because of the heavy rain and it was so cold outside. I picked her up and took her inside my house. I wrapped her in a blanket and the next morning I left her outside when […]

Bringing Happiness to Her Eyes
22nd Oct 2010 Posted in: Gallery Comments Off on Bringing Happiness to Her Eyes

Dear Fellows, I would like to share a magical moment of my life with you. It was a day when I came home from my school. I found an old dumb lady outside my house she had a paper in her hand saying “I am dumb, help me.” I was so shocked to see that […]

5th Oct 2010 Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on The presentation

Hi everyone, I am Vincent. I presented a project called “Folk Tales”. Before starting the presentation I was very nervous. When it started, I tried to present all my power point slide shows. After the presentation I was so glad I could present it. This is my magic moment last month. Vincent, Taiwan

Summer camp counseling
5th Oct 2010 Posted in: Gallery Comments Off on Summer camp counseling

Every summer I work in a children summer camp as a counselor detachment.  The same children came for 2 consecutive years to my group. We became real friends, despite our age difference. We taught each other, exchanged our experience and ideas and helped each other. As a result our group was announced the best one […]

3rd Oct 2010 Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on It All Falls Down

Lightning may not seem very frightening to you now. But, what if lightning struck a tree that almost hit you. It was the most frightening babysitting job I’ve ever had.  It was around 6:00 one September night at my neighbor’s house. Loud thunder and bright lightning filled the sky. Little three-year old Charlie, the diva […]

3rd Oct 2010 Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Speechless

Wham! I’m speechless.  All year I had given speeches. Little speeches, big speeches, election speeches. This one however, was my last. It’s June 3rd 2009, students, staff, and parents cram into the immense, up-to-date gym at Melrose Elementary. It was my last day as Student Council President, and my emotions ran high. Waves of adrenaline […]

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