Law of Love
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Friends Without Borders is an effort to bridge geographic divides with love. This effort was initiated through the writing of letters of love and friendship by children of India for children of Pakistan, and vice versa. The children express their rejection of age-old animosities and embrace a new friendship based on love and compassion.

The Eye
26th Oct 2011 Posted in: Gallery Comments Off on The Eye

Instead of speaking you see and tell with the help of the eye. The eye can see a lot of colors. It shows your emotions whether tears can drop, angry, scary, mischievous and love the moment when you look into each other’s eyes. My friend was once angry with me. She came up to me […]

Fall Day
1st May 2011 Posted in: Gallery Comments Off on Fall Day

It was a calm fall day. I was walking through the woods when I stopped, frozen in place by the beauty of nature. I surveyed the area as a gentle breeze blew through the woods. I breathed in the sweet fall air, watching the tree branches dance in the wind, seeing the breeze sweep the […]

3rd Oct 2010 Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Relieve her hunger for a day

One day while I was walking, I came across a woman who was so tired looking that she attracted my attention. I observed her for a few moments and realized through her attitude that she was hungry. Looking at her, I felt something in my heart that urged me to help her. Fortunately, there was […]

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