6th Jul 2014 Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on A New Piano

My magical moment was the day when my Mum bought me a new piano. It was on my birth day on the 28th April. I came home after school and started doing my homework. Suddenly I heard some loud voices in the porch. In a few minutes I saw two men, pulling the NEW piano. […]

21st Jun 2013 Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on The piano duets

Everybody has their own special moment. Mine happened last spring. I have been playing the piano for ten years now so I have competed in a lot of competitions. That time I had to play the piano duets with my friend Beatrice. On the day of the contest I woke up really early and went […]

11th Oct 2012 Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Roll Play

One day I was starring in a play. I saw this little girl that I don’t know. She was playing as a tree in the play. She looked disappointed. I asked her what happened and why she was disappointed and that her name was Abby. Abby was disappointed because she only got to play as […]

30th Sep 2012 Posted in: Uncategorized Comments Off on My Two Friends

Last year it was my birthday and I was turning 11. Two of my friends just got into a fight a week before my birthday party, it was at the bowling alley. They were mad at each other. Anyway, my birthday went on and during half of my birthday party, I saw my friend Megan […]

19th Jan 2012 Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on The Guitar

One of my magical moments that I can remember was when I was fifteen years old. We were on a school trip and we spent the night at a kibbutz, which is a communal farm. At evening time we were in a kind of hall and inside of it was a small room. My friends […]

Christmas Tree Everlasting Magic
20th Dec 2011 Posted in: Gallery Comments Off on Christmas Tree Everlasting Magic

I remember in childhood when Christmas time was near, the streets of my city, Wilno, changed into a forest – everybody was carrying a Christmas tree, “Eglutė” in Lithuanian, home. These magic trees seemed to me very big then, and I was sure that we could all hide under its branches and in its smell […]

27th Nov 2011 Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on If you believe in it, no matter what it is, you can make it happen!

A magical moment is something really significant that happened to you, this can be anything that made your life change or at least the way you used to see life. It depends a lot on the person’s perspective, because what for you may be something awesome and significant, others may see it as something normal […]

13th Jun 2011 Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Togetherness

My class had to sing for the rest of the school. It was very great, because during the time where we song, I just felt that all kinds of problems in the class were forgotten. We were together about the song. Katrine, 15, Denmark

5th May 2011 Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Piano Competition

It was time. My time to shine. Minuet and Country dance. I’d prepared for this since Christmas. I trembled as I opened the door. I potentially opened the door to my career. The usher led me to the universe-size stage. The audience was hungry for a performance. Then I heard it. A D on the […]

2nd May 2011 Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on First Dance

One magical moment in my life was when I was four and had my first dance recital. We were dancing the Nutcracker, and my class was performing the Dance of the Clowns. I was unconsciously smiling as I stepped onstage. The lights glared down at us so brightly we could not see the crowd. The […]

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