Christmas Tree Everlasting Magic
20th Dec 2011 Posted in: Gallery Comments Off on Christmas Tree Everlasting Magic

I remember in childhood when Christmas time was near, the streets of my city, Wilno, changed into a forest – everybody was carrying a Christmas tree, “Eglutė” in Lithuanian, home. These magic trees seemed to me very big then, and I was sure that we could all hide under its branches and in its smell […]

Celebrating Together
18th Oct 2010 Posted in: Gallery Comments Off on Celebrating Together

Dear Fellows, I want to share a magical moment of my life with you. It was the Eid day when I helped a poor and unfortunate child with an Eid gift so that she can celebrate her Eid (religious festival) as well as we did. When I saw her face, it gave me a kind […]

7th Oct 2010 Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Special Christmas holiday

My family and I went to Lviv for Christmas holiday this year. We were there only for 5 days, but I will remember this event all my life. Every day something new and amazing happened – we went for a walk and found small and cozy cafes with delicious cakes and hot chocolate, Swiss fondue […]

3rd Oct 2010 Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Washington D.C.

It was a Magical Moment when I went to D.C.  I went to the Cherry Blossom Festival!  It was so much fun!!!  I went to the place where Lincoln was shot!  I love the beautiful D.C. Cecilia, 7, United Sates

1st Oct 2010 Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Setting free

When I think about my magical moments, I always think of the great time my family had going to a temple and making merits together. We gave some food to the monks in the morning and then bought a pair of birds and fish. My parents told me if a person sets free birds or […]

29th Sep 2010 Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Help from your heart

The last year’s Vegetarian Festival means really a lot to me. Aside from going to the Chinese temple with my grandmother everyday, I made a vow that I would really do everything that they asked me for. I prepared food, set and cleared the table, and did the dishes. I was very happy. Doing the […]

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