Dream Big
17th Oct 2011 Posted in: Gallery Comments Off on Dream Big

Is it not ironic how we tend to settle for the low outcomes of our efficiency? For instance in Physics we know that energy output is never 100%, but why apply such fixed laws of day to day lives that are altered by every second. Well I believe once you cease to believe that you […]

2nd Jul 2011 Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on My Grandfather

One day my Grandfather fell ill. It was very serious. I came to the hospital and saw him in bed. He was pale and weak. Tears started falling down my cheeks. He couldn’t speak. But while I was looking at him I saw that he was happy to see me. I sat on his bed […]

25th Sep 2010 Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Being there

I had a seventeen year old cousin, who passed away this winter. It was very hard for me and my family, especially because she was so young. All my friends asked me why I wasn’t in school that day and I of course told them, what had happened. They all tried to understand, and they […]

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