What’s a magical moment?

A magical moment is a special event that you experienced in your life. It could be simple or heroic, but what matters is that special feeling you experienced. By telling about your magical moment you rekindle an instance in your life, touching a special spirit deep within you. People who listen are also touched and inspired.

Because a magical moment reveals our deep human spirit it actually transcends boundaries of all types between humans. We learn that we are all connected. We learn that if someone else is happy we are happy too.

There’s a human spirit that embraces and connects us all. So simple yet all encompassing. It dwells in every human being.  It transcends everything we know.

In fact the human spirit is tangible like the air that surrounds us. The air we share. Some of the air that was once in someone else’s lungs is now in mine and vice versa. When I take care of the air I take care of myself and others.

We can feel this spirit by remembering our own personal magical moment and relate to other peoples’ magical moments. Once realized our awareness shifts towards a global conscious of unity. We realize that we all want to avoid suffering and live happily. We see that others’ desires for happiness are the same as mine.

By reading other peoples magical moments we become aware that our happiness is connected to other peoples happiness.

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