Magical Moments Around the World is a uniting of people all over the world sharing their magical moments in a global online book.

It’s about creating a new spirit of coexistence among the various peoples, religions and cultures within a single interconnected civilization. Showing that we are all part of one big human family sharing a unique human spirit. Inspiring feelings of compassion and understanding between human beings.

An anthology of Magical Moments is traveling across the globe, showing we are all one people connected to each other and the earth. All proceeds from book sales are gifted to UNICEF.

Magical Moments Around the World is an all volunteer project and movement created in 2008. It is completely non-denominational and not affiliated with a religious or government organization.

Who we are:

Gal Kleinman – Founder

Tamara De La Loza – Social Media Manager

Frederik Gerding – Web Content Editor

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