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I am sure that they will remember my words

I was working at a gas station-food store as a cashier last year in Chicago, USA. I used to work from 8am to 10pm every day. It was a really hard job since a lot of drunken people came by and caused trouble. In the morning I saw the same people again but this time they were sober and friendly. They were living in the same neighborhood and their main problem was being uneducated.

I thought how I could change these peoples’ lives. However, they were old and it was too late to make a change in their life. The best thing I could do was to convince their children to get a good education. To achieve that whenever their children came, I treated them to things from the store that these children liked. Each time I gave a candy, a gum, or a bar of biscuits, I told them I did this under one condition – you should promise me to get good grades and do your best to get a good education. I repeated that every time they came. I do not know if they got good grades or not, but the store is still there and I am sure that they will remember my words each time they enter to buy something from that store.

Mahir A, 25, Adana, Turkey

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