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How I learned to ride a bicycle

On a warm day I was sitting with my sister at home. My sister wanted to do something, but she had no idea what to do. After thinking she asked me if I want to learn to ride a bicycle. I answered that I didn’t want to because I tried so many times and was unsuccessful. But at the same time I didn’t want to break her heart. Because she said that she’d help me learn I decided to try again.

We took the bicycle out of the garage and I began to ride it with the help of my sister, but suddenly I fell down and the bicycle’s wheel injured my sister’s arm. She got so angry and she said that I could never learn to ride it. Normally it was a negative sentence but it encouraged me to try even harder.

The following day I got up early and step by step I practiced and in a few days I learned by myself. It was a simple experience for me, but it influenced my life. Sometimes when I want to succeed in something, I remember those days and I think whether I have the required characteristics to succeed such as: ambition, self confidence and the most important thing – hard work. Yes, when you have all these, be sure that you can always be successful. It is not important what others think about you, it is important what you think about yourself.

Beyhan Y, 24, Adana, Turkey

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