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3rd Oct 2010Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Life is just too short
Life is just too short

It was a hot and silent morning. I had intended to visit my brother the day before everything happened. I woke up early to spend all day with my brother. My father wanted to come with me too; however, I didn’t want him to come with me due to his age. My father was 72 years old, and as everyone knows it is a pretty old age for riding a bike. Nevertheless, he insisted on coming with me, and I didn’t want sadden him. So, we departed home a few minutes later after the conversation between us. We rode safely for half an hour, and were very close to the place we planned on reaching. Then, suddenly I heard a voice and I found myself lying on the ground. I realized that we had an accident I looked for my father. He was lying on the ground silently, and after we had gone to the hospital, we learned that he broke his leg and some other bones. Moreover, he had inner bleeding, and he was hospitalized for three months. Thank God he is fine now. This event is a magical moment for me because I understood how easy it can be to lose someone we love very much. Overall, I realized that we must not treat anyone badly because life is just too short.

Hamza A, 25, Adana, Turkey

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