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Each person is valuable

One day in one of the courses our teacher told us that the next day she would bring her children in order to introduce them to us. The other students were very happy but I wasn’t interested with the matter since my teacher didn’t even know my name and I thought that it wouldn’t even occur to her to introduce them to me.

The next day our teacher came with her children and my friends started to welcome the children, asking their names, trying to help them enjoy their time in class. I didn’t approach and sat at the corner of the class.

The bell rang signaling that it was time to take a break.  The teacher pointed at me and asked me if I could keep an eye on her children. I was very surprised. The teacher had chosen me among all the other students and she trusted me. More surprisingly, she had called me by my name. She had known my name but I hadn’t known that.  I learnt that we are not as valueless as we think. I was very proud of myself when my teacher trusted me. Each person is valuable and important even if we aren’t aware.

Büşra A, 15, Adana, Turkey

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