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My father’s miracle recovery

I was just seven years old. One of our relatives had a wedding party. I and my family got ready for the wedding. We went to the wedding and I and my sister were watching the couples dancing. My mum and dad were on the second floor at the wedding party. At that moment, I noticed confusion that I couldn’t understand. Everyone was screaming. Some were crying. Then my grandma said that maybe children were making noise. At that moment I saw my aunt came with blood stains on her blouse. She said to my grandma that my father had been stabbed by accident. I was shocked when I heard that. I ran to the second floor but couldn’t see my dad. He was immediately taken to the hospital.  We quickly followed along and went to the hospital. My father was taken to the emergency operating room and he was operated upon. His aortas had been cut. Of course I didn’t know how dangerous it was. Everyone was crying. Doctors had said that it was really critical. After two hours of operation we received news that the operation had been successful. That was a big miracle of god.

He was under supervision of doctors for 15 days. After fifteen days we experienced the happiness of seeing him at home and healthy again.

Melike U, 17, Adana, Turkey

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