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Sharing love

If you look at the sky with your soul not with your eyes you may see the light of thousand lanterns burning in the dark. And if you listen with your heart you may hear voices of millions of people needing help.
Life goes on, each day; each minute is filled as if it is written. Does it apply for all? I figured out the answer by myself when I visited the children without parents with my friends. The gifts that we carried were just a way to establish a connection, a connection that revealed that it’s not enough just to give but also to share love and understanding. When the naive children’s eyes would turn to me, with tears, a thought suddenly like a wind breezed through my head: The world is not hungry only for bread, but even more for love!
All my love, all my tenderness, and all my feelings I gave to those children on that day. They only look for love. They are taken care of, they have enough food and clothes, but they yearn for a tender embrace, a kind word and a warm mother’s hand. That’s why my hugs and tender and sweet words were a joy for their excited hearts, to receive endless love. Every child’s tiny hand reached out for us to play, to laugh, to be one big family. The stuffed teddy bears, hearts, bunnies caressed them, and they quickly reached for every moment, feeling crumbs of love. I shared with them all my energy to the last bit. I got in return even greater spiritual strength that led me to think that in life it’s not enough to want and receive. You should also share; become a part of the great family of benefactors, so that the world would be a better place for living, with every child growing with his parents, filled with tenderness and love.
Love shared with all who need it. Love that doesn’t demand anything in return. Love for a brighter world and happy faces. Therefore share love unconditionally, knowing that it makes you better and more fulfilled.

Maja T, 14, Bitola, Macedonia

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