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My advice to all people around is to help and support each other

Like most people, I had my opportunity to help someone and that someone happened to be my classmates. Last year, when the grades of some kids were “slipping”, the head teacher announced that we should do something about it. We figured a way to help those kids while practicing ourselves. That was achieved when a few of us who wanted to help those who wanted to learn more, at school twice a week an hour before the lessons starts, in a classroom that isn`t in use, to practice. At first, the kids didn`t come every time, but in time, they got used to it and came every day. Some particular kids needed more attention, because their grades “slipped” faster. At the end of the year, their results were unexpectedly improved. They were even with the others, they understood most of the things and they were satisfied with that. I was also satisfied with that, and I felt better when I had gotten the task. I felt proud to have an opportunity to learn how to help the other students, an opportunity to know how it is to be satisfied with others success, and an opportunity to learn that nothing is unachievable.
Through this I have learned an important lesson, too. A lesson that selfish people don`t know, and never will. The essence of that message is that sharing and helping is important, because one day, we also might require help, and we may see it in someone that we have or haven`t helped. By helping we also make friends and gain respect among people, which is important, too. My advice to all people around is to help and support each other in any way they can because that way they will feel better and needed.

Martin B, 14, Bitola, Macedonia

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