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My fathers bravery

One day on the sky, a big shining star was born. It gave the morning a brave hero.
That hero saved a life. He risked his life to save a child. His bravery was big.
The mountain Baba with its highest peak named Pelister is my challenge. That is my patrimony. Every free day we use it for mountain climbing. One wonderful winter day we went to the top of Pelister on skis. There we met a group of mountain climbers from England. Me and my father know the English language very well, so we talked for about half an hour. They were a few young boys and girls. They were full of happiness. They were amazed with the beauties of Pelister. Then we said “good bye” and they left. We started skiing. We were enjoying the snows whiteness when we heard a scream for help. There wasn’t anybody around. We heard only a voice screaming for help. We stopped.
My father thought that something happened to the English men. He told me to wait and he returned to find them. He was very tired, but his wish to help them gave him strength and power to search around. After a long search, he found where the voice was coming from. They were two small children from the group who went behind and fell into an abyss. One of them broke his leg and couldn’t move. The poor kid didn’t know what to do. They were very lucky my dad found them. He got down using his ski sticks. It was a big abyss. But, his wish to save them was big and he wasn’t thinking of his own life. Because he’s a doctor, he knew how to help them. He immobilized his legs and then pulled out the children. All this time I was alone, skiing in short destinations. The sun started to set. To be honest, I was very scared. I finally saw my dad coming. He was carrying the child on his hands. He was very tired, but very proud because we arrived to the car before dark. After that, my dad went to the hospital. After all that, he wasn’t tired. The next day the boy’s parents arrived. They invited us to visit them in London. “Mr. you are a true hero” – said a kid, with a smile in his face. Before this event, my father was always appreciated by me, by all mountain climbers all his fellow workers, but after this event, he became a true hero for everyone.

Marijan P, 14, Bitola, Macedonia

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