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Helping the community become better

I’d like to share my magical moment with you that I will never forget. I was born in a small village in Ranong Province. It is called Had-Som-Pand village. One day, my friends told me that they see the village children aren’t doing anything useful during the school break .They only play computer games and ride bikes. So they had a wonderful idea to create activities for them during the vacation or weekend or holiday. They asked me to join them to think and create useful activities for the children. So we discussed and did the plans together. There are many activities such as a walk rally to clean the village and decrease the amount of garbage for our village, planting herbs and trees in the nearby forest in our village, helping the funeral ceremony in the local temple, preparing food and helping the monks on the auspicious days in the local temple, being a tour guide for the visitors, an environment camp for the young people, and helping all villagers in any tasks that we can do. The villagers are very pleased and proud of our efforts in helping the community become better. Eventually we got to be well-known throughout the country.
Because of our young generation’s dedication, we got the Green Global Award from Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT). Actually, we have done everything for our village because of our responsibilities for our community. We do not expect to get any awards. Our reward is showing that the new generation can make an impact. We are very proud of all members who joined the project and worked together with satisfaction. We can say that we are still going on with all the activities for our village.

Kulrawipa S, 17, Ranong, Thailand

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