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1st Oct 2010Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Being helped by others
Being helped by others

On my last holiday, I went to Bangkok for a month. I took some special courses in Math and Physics. You know in Bangkok, everybody has to get up very early to catch a bus or you would be late. I did but I still missed it and had to wait for the other buses. I was lucky because I got the next bus but I had to stand all the way. The worst thing was all of a sudden the driver pulled the break and I fell with my knees to the floor. My knees really hurt back then. A man who sat beside me held me up and gave me his seat. Many people in the bus asked me “Are you hurt?” I smiled and told them that I was ok. Indeed, there are busy people in Bangkok, but that doesn’t mean that they are apathetic and unconcerned about others. I’ll keep this good memory forever.

Pornkanok M, 17, Ranong, Thailand

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