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A wonderful day

In June 2009, my friends and I went to Baan Sai Daeng School, a small primary school in the outskirt of Ranong. It’s a 2 hour-drive from downtown. We got involved in one of the extension programs of our school, i.e., doing special English lessons for the kids in that rustic area. It’s a one-day-activity but I would say it’s really fulfilling. I was a bit worn-out; I wasn’t sure if the students understood what I said but then their smiles somehow brought a relief and made me confident. They seemed to enjoy our fun-filled sessions; teachers and the kids were really nice and friendly. I thought it would just be about learning English and having fun, but then their attention shifted when we passed leaflets about drugs. This fanfare really nailed their attention and I thought, they wanted to be aware of their future and well-being. In the afternoon session, we cleaned the school and played games with them. It was indeed a wonderful day for me.

Suphajita S, 17, Ranong, Thailand

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