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29th Sep 2010Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on A little black-white ball in the snow
A little black-white ball in the snow

I always wanted to have a pet. A friend, Someone who would always be with me. But my parents didn’t want to buy a pet for me. We never stay at one place for more than 3 months.

Every 3 months we travel from Ukraine to Germany. And a pet would have been a real problem. In Ukraine we lived in a small flat. There wasn’t enough space for a dog, or a cat. Some years ago we moved to a private house. I still hoped my parents would buy me a pet.
One Christmas night, when I was returning home from my friend, I saw a little black-white ball in the snow. It wasn’t a stone and it began approaching me… When I got closer to it, I saw a little cat. It was trembling, because it was really cold. I couldn’t let him stay out in that snow. I took it home. When my mother returned home and saw this beautiful little cat, we decided to keep it. This was really a magical moment for me! I will never forget that Christmas. And now I have a real friend. We call the cat Kroha. And he is a member of our family.

Roman B, 15, Ukraine

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