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Surprise birthday

I had a magical moment last year. One of my very best friends had a birthday. She turned 14. One day when we were together, her mom asked me if I wanted to help her arrange a surprise party for her daughter. And of course I wanted to. I invited all of Josefine’s friends, and they all wanted to come. On her birthday, I asked if I could come home and see her presents, and of course I could. So when we were done with school, I was slow on purpose. So the guests could get home and be there when we came home. Well when we got home, all of the girls were in her room, and they had turned off the lights. When Josefine opened the door and turned on the light, they all yelled “SURPRISE!” and she was very surprised, and happy. I felt so good afterwards. Love and hugs, a human being just like you!

Marie, 15, Denmark

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