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21st Sep 2010Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on The people in my life
The people in my life

I have a family. My family is wonderful. My parents are with me every day and they help me. My brother and sister help me in every situation. I’ve got wonderful moments with them. I’ve got a funny and happy dog – Alex. He is so nice. I’ve got him five years, but he never makes me be bored. I love him and my family so much!

I have a wonderful friend too. Her name’s Magda. I’ve got with her magical moments too. I grew up with Magda. We went together to my grandparents on holiday and we went together to sports camp last year. She makes me happy because she’s so funny and friendly. I believe her every day. We love sports and sweets. We’ve got plans for our next holiday. I love every moment with her. She’s my personal light in my everyday life.
I love my family, Alex and Magda very much!

Zuzia, 12, Poland

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