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Hello Ferrol, Spain
4th Jun 2016Posted in: Travel Blog Comments Off on Hello Ferrol, Spain
Hello Ferrol, Spain

After travelling to Senegal and Gambia I finally arrived at the city of  Ferrol in Spain. Veronica picked me up at the post office and introduced me to her school.

Ferrol is located on the Atlantic coast in north-western Spain. The city has been a major naval shipbuilding center for most of its history.  You can see where our city is located in Spain on the map below:

Map Ferrol


Below is a picture of the port of Ferrol:

Ferrol Port


I was really excited to meet the students who shared with me their magical moments:


3_P magical moments 3_P

3_ Mayos

3_ magical moments

2_P. EI

2_P Dia del libro

2_ dia Europa e Infantil

1_P Where is spain

1_P lugares recorridos por el libro

1_P llega el libro


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