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Hello Vitoria, Spain!
31st Mar 2015Posted in: Travel Blog Comments Off on Hello Vitoria, Spain!
Hello Vitoria, Spain!

The Magical Moments Around the World book had finally arrived at NClic School in Vitoria, Spain.


Our class of was really excited about the arrival of the book. We talked about all the places the book had been to and read to the children all about the different magical moments other children from around the world had written. It took a few minutes for the them to realize that the book they had in their hands had really been around the world. It was a great moment and some of the children wanted to hold the book close to them just so they could tell their parents that they held something that had been around the world. The class decided that they wanted to draw something that represented the Magical Moments so each one of them made their own picture….

Kids1     Kids2

This was our way of welcoming the Magical Moments book.


We were going on a field trip to the local library where they were going to read to us in English, Spanish and Basque and our class decided to take our book with us so we could share our book with the library staff…


We stopped at the park on our way to the library.

Kids5     kids6

We did a lot of other activities around the Magical Moments book …

kids7   Kids8   Heart

But the best of all was asking the parents to spend some time with their children and coming up with a family magical moment and sharing it with us. Thanks for stopping in Vitoria, Spain.

I’m off to Texas, USA, wish me a safe trip -:)

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