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6th Jul 2014Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on A New Piano
A New Piano

My magical moment was the day when my Mum bought me a new piano. It was on my birth day on the 28th April. I came home after school and started doing my homework. Suddenly I heard some loud voices in the porch. In a few minutes I saw two men, pulling the NEW piano. It was a magic moment!!! I was so HAPPY!!! Immediately I sat at the piano and began to play. It sounded so beautiful!

Since then, I always play the piano in the evening. I like playing Tchaikovsky, Chopin and Rachmaninov’s music and my family members like listening to my mini-concerts. At these moments I often imagine myself a great musician, performing on a big stage and trying to convey the meaning of the music to a thousand of spectators, sitting in the stalls and applauding me.

Irina, 14, Nurlat, Tatarstan

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