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17th Jun 2014Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Ice

This winter was very cold. It was frosty. Sometimes, the temperature was below 27 degrees. That day I tobogganed with my friends and skated afterwards. Suddenly my lovely toy – a little spider – fell down and rolled, it nearly reached the shore. I was sure that ice of our local pond was strong enough and I quickly ran to catch it. But I was mistaken, the ice whacked, and I fell into the water with the toy in my hand. My legs were numbed by cold so that I couldn’t even shout. My friend Alestun understood that he wouldn’t be able to pull me out. He saw a fisherman and asked him to help. The man stretched me a stick, which he fortunately had with him. Alestun took me to his place, and then he quickly took off wet clothes, put a warm rug, let me sit nearer to the fireplace, gave me hot tea. Fortunately, I didn’t even catch a cold. I thank my fate for having such reliable friends. I’m going to be more careful, and my generous friend will be the example for me to follow forever!

(Artyom, 9, Russia)

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