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Two years ago I was walking in the park with my parents, when a pretty white cat сame to us. It had a tally on her neck. Its nickname “Vasilisa” was written on it. I wanted to take it to our home very much, but my dad understood that the cat was expensive enough and noble. He said that its owners were sure to cry looking for it. They certainly loved it: it was cared well. And he added that it would be dishonest to let it live with us. The following day we hung up announcements with the photo of Vasilisa and the text “We found the cat “Vasilisa” by name”. My mum placed the information in the social net. Nobody wanted to take Vasilisa back and our pretty cat still lives with us. Recently white kittens were born. They are like their mummy.  

(Danil, 9, Russia)

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