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Summer Vacation

The best moments I have ever had was when I went to Narran, Kaghan. It was my best summer vacation ever I have had. I was with my cousins and my aunt and uncle it was very cold over there. I had lots of fun and I enjoyed a lot. I stayed in a hotel which was very big and luxurious. I used to wake up early in the morning and go out for mountain climbing in the fresh air and go ice sliding. Once I remember climbing a mountain for ice sliding and I slipped on the ice and I went down like a race car. I did not get hurt but there were a few scratches. I went home and opened the fridge and ate some yummy food. After some time we went to Saif-ul-Maluq Jheel, over there I played a lot with my cousins and we came home at night. The next day we went back. That was my magical moment.

Wasif, 12, Pakistan

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