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8th Jan 2014Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Hurt Leg
Hurt Leg

I was playing in our school sport ground, together with my friends Tolya and Marat, when our classmates Ira and Lida rode to us on their skateboards. Ira jumped on the boom and asked if we could do the same. I answered that it was easy for me and tried to repeat the trick. But I wanted to be the best and tried to do it on one leg. I wasn’t lucky and hurt my leg. I didn’t think that my wound was serious. But Ira insisted I would visit a doctor. Lida and Ira took me to the first-aid station. They stayed with me until the end and then they helped me to get home. I remembered the caring girls the next day when the leg started to give me some discomfort. Certainly everything was all right soon. I am happy to have such kind friends.   

Usifli, 8, Russia

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