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Hello Kaohsiung, Taiwan!
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Hello Kaohsiung, Taiwan!

Travelling  Book in Kaohsiung, Taiwan,   by students in Jhengsing Junior High School

In the Qatar conference, I met iEARN Taiwan teachers. They invited me to visit Taiwan, so I went with Margaret and started my new adventure in Kaohsiung, the second largest city in Taiwan. Margaret teaches in Jhengsing Junior High School, which is located in downtown Kaohsiung. I learned with Margaret’s students and experienced a different school life.

This is the school gate. It is big. I feel I am so small.


We had a running race in the PE class.

This was my classroom. I took eight classes a day from 8:20 am to 5:00 pm. I had to go to school before 7:20 am because Taiwanese schools had morning cleaning and study time. Taiwanese students usually have three exams in a semester. The first exam was coming, so the teacher gave us some practice tests in class. You can see everyone concentrated on answering test questions.

 There was a special English show held in the school auditorium. The actors and actresses were all English native speakers. They visited schools around Taiwan to help students enjoy learning English. We sang songs, danced, and played games together. One of them even kissed me on the cheek! The fun show really made me think English was not difficult at all. After the show, I took some pictures with the actors and actresses. I had a very good time!

During my stay, the most special event was that I enjoyed a fun and important festival called Moon Festival. Just follow me to learn about my life in Taiwan!

Moon Festival is on the 15th   day of the 8th lunar month. This is an important festival for family to get together. My friends told me that they would enjoy watching the glorious full moon and having delicious moon cakes, pomelos, and barbecues with their family on that day. My friends also told me interesting stories about Moon Festival. This is one of them:

Long long ago, Hou Yi and Chang O were a couple. One day, there were ten suns in the sky at the same time. Hou Yi wanted to help people and shot nine suns down. However, those suns were all God’s children. God was very angry and didn’t allow Hou Yi and his wife to stay on the earth. The wife of God took pity on Hou Yi, so she gave him magic pills against death. One day, when Hou Yi was out, a man wanted to steal the pills. Chang O swallowed all of them, and then she flew to the moon. That day was the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. Finally, she became the Lady of the Moon, so people worshiped moon on Moon festival.

This Moon Festival, I joined Joanna’s family reunion happily, and I also saw the lightest and the roundest moon I have ever seen. Joanna took me to her home for the barbecue party. Umm… What a good smell the barbecue was!

Did you see the grilled shrimp? It was made by me.


What a great smell the barbecue was! Was it done? I was so hungry!

Look! So much delicious food.

Pomelos and moon cakes

I ate a lot of different foods. I was so full!

After school, my Taiwanese friends also took me to several special places around the city and I ate a lot of Taiwanese snacks.

Stinky tofu is a one of the famous snacks in Taiwan. It looks like normal tofu, but if you smell them, you will know how stinky it is. I like it very much. It is delicious.

Tiya and Kalysta took me on a Kaohsiung one-day trip. We started with a bus. We went to the most fantastic MRT station in Kaosuing, Formosa Boulevard.

Formosa Boulevard Station is the biggest MRT station in Kaohsiung. It is really beautiful, and I saw a lot of people taking pictures of this beautiful station. This is the inside of this station.

There is a beautiful white piano in this MRT station, and people can borrow it at the counter and play this piano for people in the station.

This is a train model for people to take pictures. I think it is very cute.

This place is also in the Formosa Boulevard Station, called “the dome of light”. It was made by stained glass. People always stop under the dome and take pictures of it. It’s very beautiful, and I like it very much!

After we saw “the dome of light”, we went to Yanchenpu to have our lunch. This is our lunch at 7-11.

Then we went to Pier 2 Art Center. Pier 2 Art Center was reconstructed from abandoned warehouses, and now it’s just like an art museum. There are always many artworks and exhibitions.

Tiya, Kalysta, and I walked along the bicycle trail to see the famous Rubber Duck at the Love Pier. I was really excited because I had never seen the Rubber Duck, and it was big enough to fill my eyes. It was very cute, and lots of people came to Love Pier to see it.

Then we took the bus to the Kaohsiung Cultural Center. We saw three people walking their pet and also a huge lizard in front of the center.

The Kaohsiung Cultural Center has its special building design. This is the entrance.

At night, I went to a baseball game. The baseball game is very exciting. Many players showed great skill. Fans cheered up their favorite team. My friend’s team won. We enjoyed the wonderful baseball time.


At school, I traveled around different classes and offices in Jhengsing to share magical moments I collected in my journey. Teachers and students also told me their own magical moments.


Now let me tell you about Jhengsing Junior High School’s stories:

Ms. Liao is a scout teacher. Her magical moment was that she finally became a teacher. She has wanted to be a teacher since she was very little, and she studied very hard when she was in college. That was a really hard time, but she finally made her dream come true.

Ms. Lin had a boy student who let her have a headache because she had to deal with a lot of his behavior problems. Ms. Lin never gave up the student. After the student graduated from Jhenshing Junior High School, on Mother’s day, the student came back. He missed Ms. Lin and thanked her for her care. Ms. Lin felt very touched.


Yu-Hua was a grade 8 student. She shared her recent magical moment with me. One day, she was going to have a quiz in the cram school, but she didn’t prepare for it. She felt very nervous on the way to cram school and she hoped that her teacher would forget about it. She went into the classroom and her teacher told her that they would not have a quiz. She was very surprised that her wish came true, and me too!

I am very glad to hear these magical moments. How great the experience is!

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