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My grandparents’ place

             I don’t really know the place, where I can feel like there is nowhere better. However, when I visit my grandparents, I don’t think about anything that makes me worried or nervous, I only do whatever I want and those are the most magical moments of my life. When I wake up there, I can do anything: go to the pool, play basketball, search the Internet and so on.

         I reckon that my grandparents make me feel that way, they really want to make me happy and positive. They will make me the best meal, shoot a basketball with me and do other good stuff together so I also try to help them by cutting grass or chopping logs. I enjoy giving them a hand which shows how good I feel there.

         I don’t believe that anything can feel better than chilling with my grandparents so I am 100% sure that their place is the most magical one for me in the whole world.

Kipras, 16, Lithuania

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