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The team leap

It was a beautiful summer day. Accompanied by five best friends I went to visit the most entertaining place in the country, a big beach by the lake with forests and cliffs surrounding it.

Lots of people were having the time of their lives on the beach, by having fun and spending a beautiful day in such a big company.

And it was there, the cliff that stood on the edge of the lake as if saying: “Take a leap my friend, it’s safe”. Few would dare to jump, but one man or a group always seemed to be willing to take a risk. The cliff didn’t appear so high from the distance so my friends and I decided to try to overcome our fear. However, when we reached the top of the cliff, we realized how high it was and therefore it seemed impossible to jump down. One after another we looked down and said that nothing could drag us there.

Suddenly an exciting thought flashed our minds. If we can’t do it individually, we should do it as a team, a group of best friends. So we clustered on the cliff edge, interlocked our hands, looked each other in the eyes with anxious looks and weird smiles and………. took a leap.

It was an extraordinary feeling, an amazing view and unforgettable emotions. It was OUR leap, not a single person’s, but a group’s accomplishment. And we made it!

Gabriele, 15, Lithuania

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