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My friend

I don’t like farewells, but one farewell has become one of the magical moments in my life.

I love ice hockey, so my dream was to communicate with ice hockey players. Now this dream has come true. I communicate with players from Lithuania and other countries.

My favorite player is a guy from Slovakia. He is a team leader, a strong, self-reliant and nice person We kept in touch all ice hockey season, chatted and had nice moments.

One evening, when I was walking to music school, I met this guy and other team players on the way. We all greeted and talked for a while. My friend from Slovakia pulled out a photo from his jacket pocket and gave it to me. That was his picture. The back side of it had a short sentence in Slovak language “Egle, always remember me”, his name and signature. This was a farewell gift.

Then I understood that I have a wonderful friend, and that friend isn’t among people, who you see every day, but a friend who always lives in your heart. This guy will always stay in my heart.

Egle, 16, Lithuania

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