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The big moment

My name is Meda. I‘m 15. I may have already experienced these “Magical Moments“ in several forms like kindness and other stuff.

However, I haven‘t experienced one thing yet. I think, the Big Moment would be in the sky…when your body is in levitation… Yup, skydiving. I‘m sure I‘m going to try this, because it gives you an opportunity to see wonderful sights…you can see everything from above. This is awesome. And, you can fly! That’s the most important aspect. To fly. That dose of adrenaline, which heats up your blood, and then suddenly there is nothing to be afraid of! Just relax and keep flying.

To feel the freedom. To feel adrenaline. To feel that amazing height, to be independent and forget every problem in the life at that moment. That’s I think is the big “Magical Moment“.

Meda, 15, Lithuania

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