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I can swim!

When I was younger, I was afraid of water, because I couldn’t swim.

One day my Dad told me, that I needed to promise him one thing. He made me promise him, that I would learn to swim. I was really angry on Dad, but when I calmed down, I agreed and next day we went to the swimming pool. When I saw how big the swimming pool was, my whole body started to shake and I looked at Dad with tears in my eyes. Then he suddenly said:
“I know you can do this. Just be brave and remember your promise. I will wait in the corridor and watch you from the window. When you feel afraid, just look at this window and you will see me. “
Some time later the swimming instructor came to the pool and my Daddy went to the corridor to join other kids’ parents. The swimming trainer told us to put on life vests and jump into the water. When I jumped into the water, I started to drown, but quickly came to the surface, because I was wearing the life vest. It was hard to stay up on the surface, but when I looked at Daddy, I understood that I needed to do my best to learn to swim. During every single swimming practice I tried my best and finally I learned to swim. That day my Daddy was so happy and proud of me. I was happy as well.
I’m still happy these days, because the ability to swim is my magical moment.

Emilija, 15, Lithuania

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