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My magic moments

About A  SMILE

On my grandmom’s birthday I do something cute and simple to her. And when I give it to her and wish happy birthday, she looks so happy and her smile is so bright. Make someone, who you love, happy- it’s a magical moment. It’s good to know that these little things make someone happy.



I remember the time when I first time met my 4 year old cousin, Oliver. We both were so happy! He was always with me. He taught me some English and other stuff. He was so talkative and happy. He was smiling all day long! I love him so much!



Few days ago my parents said to me that this summer I‘m going to my uncle to England! It’s the country of my dreams! I’ve been there once for a weekend  I“d like to live there. I want to be there every day! But I have to be very good in June if I want to go there. Oh, and I have to wait for the whole month! I’m so excited, I always talk about it, I just can’t wait for it! It’s making me so happy! It’s like a magical time for me!

Akvilė, 14, Lithuania

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