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The ugly bug

Hi friends!

My name is Simona. I want you to know my weird and funny story.

One time I was in the yard and my friends were there, too.  One of my friends was holding an ugly bug in his hand. I was so scared of that thing as I had no idea what that was. He threw it at me. I ran away from him but it was stuck to my sweater. Then I threw my sweater on the ground and after that  I started screaming.

My friend said:

If you don’t hold it, I’m still going to scare you!“„No!“ I yelled. „I’m not going to hold it. It’s too scary and I’m scared of ugly bugs. Can you understand? He didn’t say anything, but he just laughed at me. I was shorted against everyone.  I think I’ve learned something from this situation. Friends can be very annoying and they can do bad things. Maybe you are going to tell your own story and give a lesson.?

Simona, age 13, Lithuania

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