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Driver’s license

A magical moment… I asked myself what the magical moment of mine would be? And I simply had no particular answer.  I have been looking for something more, to be something more, to reach some special moments, which might , in fact, be unreachable, for my whole life.

I have always searched for some meaning of the life in everything I do.  I got deeper and deeper into my thoughts until my perception just could not take it any more and it simply broke up. Nevertheless, then I experienced some valuable adjustments in the way of my flowing life.

My point of view to my life has changed and I have started to see things in an easier way, although not as simply as I wish they could have been.

And here I am… Sitting all by myself in my sort of inconvenient room and thinking about a more effortless thing, which might have been or is my magical moment. Most people, including me never realize that that special moment of yours does not necessarily have to be a huge achievement.

And right now the simplest idea has come to my mind  – a “driver’s license”. Probably that is it! The reason why? I have been dreaming about a driver’s license since I touched the wheel of my dad’s car for the first time, which was approximately 12 years ago. And that particular moment when I touched MY OWN driver’s license was astonishing, THAT meant that my dream became a reality.

What I want to tell you all out there is that in order to have and feel your special magical moment you do not have to look for it deeply inside.

Eimantas, 17, Lithuania

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