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The piano duets

Everybody has their own special moment. Mine happened last spring. I have been playing the piano for ten years now so I have competed in a lot of competitions. That time I had to play the piano duets with my friend Beatrice.

On the day of the contest I woke up really early and went to get ready. So did my friend. All the way to the contest place we laughed when talking about winning the contest. Hours passed by and it was the time for us to play. We were so nervous that our legs and hands were shaking. Nevertheless, we played rather well but not as well as we could.

Because of the sadness we felt, we decided to get out and buy some ice cream. When we got back, we could not find Beatrice’s father anywhere so we went to the assembly hall, where we played, and then……….. the weirdest and craziest thing happened. By the time we walked in, the judge had announced my friend‘s  name and mine for the second place nomination in the contest.

We couldn’t believe that all the way back home.

Erika, 17, Lithuania

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