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Magic works!

The most magical event for me was last Christmas Eve, which is the day before Christmas, when all family meets together after hard work and eats Christmas Eve’s dinner. It is traditional to divine the future during the Christmas Eve’s dinner. Despite the fact that my family does not believe magic, that time we tried it.

There are lots of sorceries, but we tried just a few of them. Firstly, we extracted straws. A long straw means a healthy and long life, a short straw means misery, a thick straw means wealth. The most surprising  thing was that all my family got the long straws.

Later we tried another magic. We lobbed the shoe through the shoulder. If a shoe falls by the door, it means that you will travel somewhere, if it falls close to the wallet, you will get money, and finally, if it falls near the bag, you will be diligent. My shoe fell by the door and after several months I travelled abroad, to Finland. We tried some more magic, and all results were reliable.

I had never believed magic, but this year was different. You cannot believe it, but I reckon that sometimes we can try magic and it can be true. Maybe it was just coincidence, but it was magic and interesting for me. It is everyone’s choice whether to believe it or not.     

Gerda, 17,  Lithuania                                                                                                                                     


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