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My terrier

My magical moment was when I bought a puppy and took him home with me. However, I will tell you everything from the beginning.

When I was a child, I would ask my parents to buy me a dog every day. Sadly, but they didn’t want to hear that because I was too young and they thought that I wouldn’t be a good dog’s owner. So all my childhood passed with a hope that one day I would own a puppy.

Two years ago I tried to find a dog and asked my parents if they would allow me to buy a dog. At first they refused, but after a few weeks they finally were persuaded and one evening I returned home with a puppy.

Everyone was happy with a pet. Now my dog is two years and three months of age. His name is Frutis and he is a Yorkshire Terrier. Frutis doesn’t like winter but he enjoys summer like me. He is also fond of being taken for a long walk.

I really love my dog and I’m very happy that he is one of my family members.

Gitana, 16, Lithuania

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