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21st Jun 2013Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Childhood

The word “childhood” sounds like the word happiness to me. It is probably the best time of a human’s life. It is the time when the only part of your body which got hurt was your knees, not your heart. I know childhood is not usually assumed as a moment, but for me it passed as fast as one second.

I cannot clearly remember everything from my childhood but it may be one of the reasons why this period of my life looks so magical. Some events look more like a dream, not reality. I cannot actually believe I was that happy. The other reason is that as a child you do not realize how cruel and dreadful the world can be. You are surrounded by loving and caring relatives and friends, so the world looks very friendly and beautiful. Besides, children know how to be happy about little things like a snowy day. A smile always brightens your day!

To sum up, I would like to say that we all want to be happy, but happiness does not come so easily, so we have to fight for it and make our life one big magical moment. It is always better to regret doing something than not doing anything at all.

Migle, 17, Lithuania

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