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21st Jun 2013Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Riding a bike
Riding a bike

Life is full of magical moments. I think that we can find a magical moment in every day of our lives and it is very hard to pick one moment from so many of them.

I have chosen a very simple moment to share which is riding a bicycle for the first time in a year. I love riding a bike but I cannot do it in the winter because of the huge amount of snow and cold. Going for a ride for the first time in the spring always makes me happy. I ride through the forest and around the town alone or with my friend.

Why is it magical? Because of the warm wind on my face and all the beautiful sights that I see while riding a bike. It is very exciting to go as fast as you can while riding down the hill and very pleasant to ride slowly while enjoying the sights and sounds in the forest.

It is not a very special moment but because of all these wonderful feelings it is a magical moment.

Monika, 17, Lithuania

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