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High, in the sky

Every person has had a magical moment in his or her life. That moment gives you pleasant feelings, a sense of infinity and strength. A magical moment for some people is giving a birth, getting married, passing the exam, making the first pie in his life or just driving the car. Those moments make them proud of themselves.

I have my magical moment which is a pretty expensive one. The good thing is that I can have that as many times as I want and it does not get boring (of course, I need lots of money). My magical moment is taking off and landing on the plane. When the plane develops huge speed, I feel like I am in different dimension. A sense of easiness, a sense of power. I  always think how this huge object can be in the air? The landing moment gives me a thrill. I start to think about my existence, I worry if I have performed all tasks in my life. However, when I land I get relieved. After every flight I try to change my life a little bit, make my life full-rate.

We need to have some amazing moments in our lives because every magical moment makes us more powerful, more self-confident and happier.                                                                                                     

 Urte, 17, Lithuania

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