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A swimming lesson

People all over the world have some magical moments, which they remember all of their lives. Some have less, some have more of this experience, which makes their lives exciting or even makes them change their lives.

When I was a five-year-old boy, I visited my godfather with my mother and grandmother. I was spending my time really happily, when suddenly they told me that we were going to the lake. I felt scared, because I couldn’t swim.

After some time, when we arrived by the lake, my mum gave me a floating pillow and told me not to swim far from them. I felt close enough and I took off my pillow, but instead of swimming I started to drown. I tried to hold my breath for a long time, but unsuccessfully, so I began to faint. When everything seemed to be over, I felt that somebody had taken me out of the water.

I was saved, everyone was shocked, but I was happy to have survived. It was an experience, a magical moment, which I would never forget.

Mindaugas, 17,  Lithuania

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