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My magical moment happens every morning. When I wake up, the first thing that comes to my mind is only one thought: “Older than yesterday, younger than tomorrow.” This gives so much confidence and happiness to me, that from that moment I can smile all day long. That’s really great.

People often ask me why I am smiling, why I look so happy, but I just say that I’m happy because I am able to live this day, not like millions of other people, who are dying from starvation, drought, or war.

It gets even more magical, when other people start smiling after they see me smiling. Then I start feeling like some sort of a good mood spreader and I start to smile much more. This makes me happier, it makes the day brighter, memories clearer and actually, it makes everything better, because you know, everything is better when you are happy.

So this is my magical moment, which is constant as it happens every day.

Marius, 17, Lithuania  

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