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21st Jun 2013Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Waiting for something special
Waiting for something special

Most events in life are magical, in fact, the whole life is magical. Every person has their own magical moments and we all imagine these moments differently.

Every minute of life might be considered as a magical moment but there are moments that I like more than others. One of these moments is waiting for something special. For example, waiting for a birthday, concerts, different kind of celebrations or just a strong upcoming storm. The waiting time is more special than the event itself because the event will pass while waiting is more special and lasts longer.

Do you believe it is magical? I’d say “yes”, it is. Waiting is a magical feeling because when you wait for something special you laugh, you cry, you’re nervous and excited and you can’t stop thinking about it. When the day comes and the event,  which  you’ve been waiting for, passes, you start looking for another magical moment because you can’t get rid of the question: ‘what to do next?’

Maybe it’s not a moment that many of us would consider magical but for me it seems a very special moment and I think that most of you would agree.

Justina, 17, Lithuania

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