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One more cousin is on the way

If I stop for a moment and let myself think a bit, I soon realise that all my life is a long chain of magical moments. I‘m sure that nearly every day has something special. I would like to share one story with you.

It was Easter – a quiet celebration for all the family. I was visiting my relatives who live quite far away so I don‘t have a chance to see them as often as I wish. I met my grandma, uncles, aunts and a bunch of cousins there. You can say that everyone was there. We had a nice dinner together and talked about many things, but I want to share only one we were discussing.

One of my aunts‘ is pregnant, she is awaiting her fourth child. That is really amazing because she is 41 now and looks healthy and feels great. Her tummy is huge already and the feeling that one more cousin is on the way is truly magical. All family are looking forward to a new member.

Suddenly I realised that only women were sitting at the table and the topic turned to my aunt‘s pregnancy. She had already known that the baby girl was coming so we went through a pile of tiny pink clothes. I suppose that emotions of people who were in that room were running high. I understood that new life was to come in a month.

This was a very simple, but a magical moment for me.

Monika, 17,  Lithuania           

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