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My sister‘s birth

A magical moment, what is it? A moment when you are feeling well or trying something new? In my opinion, it is more simple, it is in your daily routine. Every day you feel, try or experience something new and it does not matter whether it happens when you are sitting at home or travelling around the world. Therefore, it is really hard to exclude one magical moment in my life.

But still, there was one absolutely magical… That was my sister’s birth. She came to this world in the beautiful evening of September 25. When my grandmother came into my room and said, “You have a little sister”, I felt something very strange and unreal. At first it was hard to understand that now we are four members of the family, not three.

Parents decided to call her Jore. They gave my sister this name because it is a rare Lithuanian name. When Jore arrived home from hospital, I saw her for the first time and understood that she looks just like me. At that moment my hands were shaking, my heart was beating extremely fast. I can call that moment the most magical, since it was unique and changed my life.

Igne, 17, Lithuania

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