15 magical years
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15 magical years

I would rather call the time spent with my dog fifteen magical years than just a magical moment. I was a little child when parents brought a dachshund boy home and we called him Izium which means „a raisin“ in Russian. Never have I thought that a small creature can make such a huge change in my life. We grew up together and there were a lot of exciting and moving moments, I slept with him in a bed like with a toy, he followed me everywhere in our apartment and was my faithful friend when I was tearful or just sad.

Furthermore, Izium always greeted me when I got home and his eyes were always full of joy. Unfortunately, there were grievous moments when Izium was hit by a car, then he was lost in an unknown city , but everything  ended luckily and he was again with us.

However, dogs do not live long enough and one day Izium got really sick. My family and I took care of him but it was the end of his short life. It was a horrible night, but his loss brought our family together and we learned to appreciate the time with people who we love and, of course, pets.

I am blessed that I had Izium in my life, I learned how to take care of a live creature, he showed me fidelity without words and I grew up with sincere feelings, therefore, he would always stay in my heart!

Andzelika, 17, Lithuania

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