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Unforgettable Trip

I live in a small, less known country right in the middle of Europe, called Lithuania. As an inhabitant of a small town, I always have lots of dreams to travel around the world, but the most amazing trip was to the USA two years ago. We travelled together with the Radviliškis church choir and visited Lithuanian communities in Detroit, Chicago, Beverly Shores and Hamilton (Canada). We had a chance to communicate with the Lithuanian emigrants and that let us realize how they love their homeland even if they are miles away from it. They really enjoyed our Lithuanian songs and we enjoyed singing for them.

 Once, when we visited the Ford museum in Detroit, the lady who worked in the museum asked us to sing a traditional song. When we sang the song „Už žalių miškelių“, everybody listened stiffed. When we finished, we heard a lot of applauses and the lady thanked us with her eyes full of tears. It affected me very greatly. In fact, the entire trip was extraordinary- I saw the Niagara Falls for the first time in my life, visited Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland and of course, met a lot of wonderful people with whom I have been communicating till this day.

This is the most magical moment in my life.

Julija, 15, Lithuania

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